About Me

My Biography

Matthew Doxtad was born in the wild, rural Midwest and raised on a farm in Iowa. He attended the University of Iowa, where he studied Cinema. While there, he wrote and studied film theory and produced short 16mm films. He has recorded audio for film in Chicago, sold books in NYC, written a comic in Athens, Georgia, and been a books receiver in Austin, Texas.

In 2010, he graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University with a masters degree in Magazine, Newspaper, and Online Journalism. While at Syracuse, he created and co-founded Handshake Magazine, a media source dedicated to geek culture with an alternate reality game embedded in its universe.

Doxtad has worked in a number of industries and created content for a diverse swath of audiences. In every role, he aims to create media that is interactive, spans multiple mediums, and communicates through many platforms. He is an avid reader and constant learner. He wrote this personal biography in the third person.

My Approach

Sometimes I tell my own stories, but most of the time I tell the stories of others. I believe that is only possible through passionate research and creative exploration. For me, that means I ask a lot of questions and I talk to as many people as possible. I can only tell your story in a unique and interesting way if I truly know who you are and what your goals are.

From long form content to illustrations to campaign slogans, I strive to create content that both connects with an audience and converts to established goals. And I believe it’s important to measure and adapt using analytical tools. I take pride in my skills and my ability to switch from writing to multimedia to analytics to coding and design. 

If you’re interested in working together, just say Hello.